Texas Elder Guardianship Lawsuits

As people get older, they commonly lose capacity and strength. Sometimes when this happens, Texas Elder Guardianship Lawsuits become necessary or are filed. More specifically, family, friends, and proposed wards litigate capacity, financial control, and living arrangement issues. Further, these lawsuits involve personal issues such as personal freedom, protection of loved ones, and protection of family wealth.

Texas Elder Guardianship Lawsuits

    Texas Elder Guardianship Lawsuits

Texas Guardianship Applications Protect People Who Are a Danger to Themself or others

Sometimes an individual loses their ability to take care of themself or their finances. In these situations, family and friends sometimes have to step in to help protect the person. More specifically, families determine that a person is a danger to themself or others and needs to have protections put in place.

In these situations a physician needs to evaluate the person to determine their capacity. If the physician determines the person lacks capacity, a court can make the person a ward and appoint a guardian for the person. The guardian can be the guardian of the person and or guardian of the person’s estate. In other words, the guardian becomes responsible for the person’s health decisions and or their finances and wealth.

Texas Guardianship Contest Lawsuits and Texas Contested Guardianship Lawsuits

In other situations, family members sometimes decide that an elderly person should not control their wealth. In these situations, contests to the guardianship can occur. These contests can include a contest as to if a guardianship is needed. The contests can also include contests as to who the guardian will be. The parties can also contest the extent of the limitations in the guardianship.

More Information on Texas Elder Guardianship Lawsuits

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