Fire, flames and smoke and spread across a Texas roadway during the Smokehouse Creek Fire.

According to Texas Fire Lawyer Jason Coomer, wildfires can cause families to suffer devastating losses. More specifically, the Smokehouse Creek Fire has burned over 1,000,000 acres. The devastating fire began Monday, February 26, 2024 in the Texas Panhandle. As of Wednesday, the massive wildfire is zero percent contained. At this time, the fire is forcing evacuations and prompting emergency declarations by the governor..

The Smokehouse Creek Fire is ravaging the Texas Panhandle and destroying homes. Additionally, ranchers are working to corral and protect their livestock. The vast fires are being fueled by high winds and dry conditions. Resources from across the state are being sent to help attempt to contain the blaze. Without a doubt, out of control wildfires can cause injuries, death, and catastrophic property damage. The loss of life and damage to property can cause a tremendous loss of wealth.

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Texas A&M Forest Service public information map of Smokehouse Creek, Texas wildfire perimeter.
The 1,000,000 acre Smokehouse Creek Texas wildfire is the largest in Texas history.

In addition, the Texas Panhandle is experiencing the Windy Deuce fire and the Grape Vine Creek fire.

For information on safety tips to avoid causing a wildfire please be aware of these fire prevention tips. See Panhandle fire lawyer for more information about the Texas wildfire claims, lawsuits, and settlements.