Texas Probate Court Remote Hearings

The probate process transfers wealth and helps families. More specifically, the probate process frees substantial wealth that many families need to live and survive. As such,  probate proceedings are essential services that continue through coronavirus stay at home protocols. Further, many Texas courts continue holding probate hearings during the coronavirus stay at home protocols. For this reason, several courts now use video and telephone conferencing for many of these hearings. These Texas Probate Court remote hearings provide a safe method for families to free needed wealth.

Texas Probate Court Video Hearings
Texas Probate Courts Use Video Hearings to Continue Probate Cases During Coronavirus Stay at Home Protocols

Texas Probate Courts Use Remote Hearing For Will, Proof of Death, and Heirship Testimony

Traditionally, Texas Probate Courts require in person witnesses for most probate and heirship hearings. More specifically, Will probate hearings and suits to determine heirs typically require witnesses. However, with the recent coronavirus pandemic and corresponding civil authority stay at home orders, progressive courts are adapting. These courts use a combination of pre-hearing submissions and video technology to verify witness testimony. More specifically, many Texas Probate Courts now use video and telephone hearings for proof of death, Will prove up, and disinterested witness testimony.

Texas Probate Court Remote Hearings Use Video and Telephone Conferencing To Protect Families

This use of video and telephone technology for hearings protects witnesses, lawyers, and court personnel from potential exposure. Though different from traditional in person hearings, the value of protecting everyone helps families. Further, it allows probate courts and lawyers to continue helping families free and transfer wealth.

Families Who Require Texas Probate to Free and Transfer Wealth Can Do It Remotely

Many Texas Probate Lawyers now help families who want to remotely probate an estate. More specifically, these lawyers represent families throughout Texas and the United States who do not want to travel but need to Probate an estate.

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