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The Coomer Law Firm helps families protect, claim, and transfer wealth. Texas inheritance lawyer Jason Coomer handles Texas Real Estate, Probate, and Inheritance matters throughout central Texas.  In doing so, his firm commonly works with families who have lost a loved one. He helps these families claim insurance, bank accounts, benefits, and other non-probate assets. His firm also helps families protect, transfer, and sell real property.  Further, as a Texas Real Estate Inheritance Lawyer, he helps heirs and beneficiaries navigate Texas inheritance laws after the death of a loved one. His firm also offers inheritance turnkey services for families who want a law firm to handle the many details of claiming, collecting, and liquidating inheritance.

Texas Real Estate Inheritance Lawyer Handles Civil Litigation Including Texas Real Estate, Probate, and Inheritance Matters

Jason Coomer is an experienced attorney who has been practicing law since 1995.  As a Texas Real Estate Inheritance Lawyer, he commonly helps family members claim interests in Texas real estate. He also helps families protect real property from bank and tax foreclosures.  Further, he commonly helps families negotiate property divisions or foreclosures as well as files forced sale lawsuits.

More specifically, he helps families protect and sell houses, businesses, and other Texas real property. He also commonly works with real estate professionals to clear title to and sell inherited real property. He also often works with tax offices and banks to delay foreclosures. His firm often helps rightful heirs and beneficiaries protect wealth and collect inheritance.

The Coomer Law Firm Handles Land Partitions and Forced Sales of Real Property

Many land owners need assistance from a lawyer to transfer or sell real property. More specifically, real estate interest owners commonly cannot agree on when to sell or how to divide property. This dilemma occurs commonly with inherited real property. In these situations, heirs and beneficiaries often need to sell real property to avoid foreclosure.

As a Texas partition lawyer, Jason Coomer commonly represents land owners who want to partition or sell their real estate. In these cases, he commonly helps heirs and beneficiaries claim and protect their inheritance. He commonly forces the sale of an inherited house or helps owners negotiate a buyout. He also commonly helps heirs and beneficiaries claim and negotiate interests in businesses and commercial property.

His firm also helps families negotiate partitions of Texas real estate. In doing so, he commonly works with real estate professionals, surveyors, and title companies. He also commonly offers contingent and hybrid contracts as well as traditional hourly contracts on partition work.

Texas Inheritance Lawyer Often Offers Contingent and Hybrid Contracts on Inheritance Cases

In many inheritance situations, the Coomer Law Firm can offer contingent and hybrid contracts to families. These continent and hybrid contracts defer fees and expenses to a time property is sold. These contract help families who have limited liquid resources after a death. For many families with real property or trapped assets, it is a god send to locate a firm that offers hybrid or contingent contracts.  His firm often offers contingent contracts on inherited real property cases. Further, they also commonly offer hybrid or contingent contracts on other large probate cases.

The Coomer Law Firm Often Represents Trustees, Executors, and Administrators

His firm also commonly represents Trustees, Executors, and Administrators to help them fulfill their fiduciary duties. In representing Executors and Administrators, Texas Probate lawyer Jason Coomer, commonly files probate lawsuits. In these lawsuits,  he represents people named as Executors in Wills. Through Will Probate Lawsuits, he helps individuals get appointed as Executor in probate cases in Texas courts. He also commonly represents individuals who want to be Administrators in heirship proceedings in Texas courts. In working with out of town and out of state clients, he also commonly works with court to get his clients appointed as Executors and Administrators remotely.

He also helps Executors, Trustees, and Administrators understand their powers and duties. Further, his firm helps Executors and Administrators collect, oversee, and disburse estate property. His firm also prepares necessary court filings and inventories.

The Coomer Law Firm Provides Legal Advice on a Variety of Inheritance Issues

His firm provides personalized legal services for his clients.  Because many clients need help with a complicated legal system, his firm works hard to explain the legal process and minimize the stress law.  Further, he commonly answers Texas Inheritance and Real Estate questions submitted to him.  He also commonly provides general Texas Inheritance information to those seeking answers online.   For this reason, feel free to send an e-mail message to Jason S. Coomer with questions about this web site, a legal matter, or a potential case.

Texas Inheritance Lawyer Jason Coomer Handles Probate, Real Estate, and Inheritance Cases Throughout Texas

Austin Texas Inheritance Lawyer Jason Coomer handles cases through out Texas.  He commonly represents families in the Greater Austin Metropolitan Area and several surrounding counties including:

More specifically, he has helped families claim and transfer Texas real estate in several Texas counties.  He has also helped Texas families claim and transfer inherited property in Australia, Greece, and Germany.  He has also worked with lawyers from other states to transfer and claim property in several other states.  For this reason, he understands working with families to protect large estates in multiple jurisdictions.

Additionally, on the more complicated cases with large damages he commonly works with other Texas Real Estate Inheritance Lawyers. Further, he has co-counseled or worked with California Lawyers, Florida Lawyers, Houston Lawyers, San Antonio Lawyers, Dallas Lawyers, El Paso Lawyers, and other Austin Texas Lawyers on several large cases.

Texas Inheritance and Real Estate Law Firm

This Texas Firm Also Provides Other Legal Services

Texas Lawyer Jason S. Coomer is also an experienced litigation attorney who handles probate and real estate litigation.  He has also handled a variety of types of cases.  Further, his firm commonly handles a variety of legal matters.  Please feel free to follow the below links for information on some of the areas of law that this firm handles:

Please also feel free to go to the Practice Areas page of this web site for more information on other types of cases that this Austin Texas Law Firm handles.

For more information on Texas Inheritance and Real Estate Law, please feel free to send an e-mail message to Austin Texas Lawyer Jason Coomer at [email protected]   Also, please feel free to use our submission form.

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