Claim Texas Inherited Property

Many families lose wealth after the death of a family member. More specifically, these families often don’t timely claim Texas inherited real property. This inaction makes the inherited real property vulnerable to loss.  Further, banks and opportunists commonly take vulnerable inherited property through adverse possession or foreclosure. For this reason families should timely claim Texas inherited property. This blog post provides  information on how to claim Texas inherited property.

Claim Texas Inherited Property
Understanding How to Claim Texas Inherited Property Saves Family Wealth

Heirs and Beneficiaries Should First Determine Their Inherited Ownership Interests In Texas Real Property

After a family member dies, their heirs and beneficiaries need to claim inheritance. To begin, the  heirs and beneficiaries should determine their inheritance interests.  Unfortunately, this first step is not always easy as Texas probate law allows many different types of inheritance including Wills, trusts, and intestate succession.

That being said, the heir or beneficiary should determine, if the deceased had a Will or Trust. If so, each beneficiary’s ownership interest should be clear from the Will or Trust.

If there is no valid Will or Trust, a family tree helps determine who receives what inheritance.  Texas law distributes inheritance differently depending on the nature of the property and which family members survive the deceased. Overall, a review of Texas inheritance law will determine ownership interests.  The following link provides helpful information on distributions to heirs under Texas law.

Beneficiaries With Ownership Interests in Texas Inherited Property Should Contact a Lawyer to Verify and Claim Their Interests

If you are a beneficiary of a Will, it is often beneficial to have a lawyer review the Will. The lawyer can review the Will and determine if it is a valid Will. Further, the lawyer can advise if a Will probate lawsuit should be filed and what needs to be done.

If you are a beneficiary of a Trust, you should also have a lawyer review the Trust documents. The lawyer can determine what property is in a Trust. The lawyer can also provide advice on beneficiary rights.

Further, if your inheritance is not timely distributed, a beneficiary should contact a lawyer to inquire and claim it.

Heirs With Ownership Interests Should Also Contact a Lawyer

A lawyer can also help heirs claim inherited real property. The lawyer can verify ownership interests and provide information on claiming Texas real property. More specifically, the lawyer can file a lawsuit or deed claiming Texas inherited real property.

More Information on How to Claim Texas Inherited Real Property

For more information on claiming Texas inherited real property please go to the following web pages: Texas Family Inheritance Lawyer, Texas Stressed Real Property Lawyer, and Texas Real Estate Inheritance Lawyer.


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