Hays County Probate Attorney Helps Clients Transfer, Claim, And Protect Houses, Land, Mineral Rights, Assets And Wealth

Jason S. Coomer is a Texas Probate Attorney that handles cases in the Hays County, Texas area. He helps his clients navigate the inheritance process. His law firm is setup to assist with will probate proceedings and heirship determinations before the local court. In addition, as a Texas lawyer he assists with the transfer of houses, land, assets and other wealth. Similarly, the Law Offices of Jason Coomer provides valuable assistance to clients with regard to contested and uncontested cases.

For questions about a probate matter in Hays County, feel free to contact us online or send an email message to Hays County Probate Attorney Jason Coomer.

Rolls of hay across the Hays County countryside.

What communities does Jason Coomer’s law firm serve?

The Law Offices of Jason S. Coomer provides services to clients throughout Hays County. For instance, the cities included in the service area are San Marcos, Dripping Springs, Kyle, Buda, Wimberly, Driftwood, Niederwald, Martindale,  Mountain City and the rural areas across the county.

In What Court Are Hays County Probate and Inheritance Matters Filed?

The Hays County Courts-at-Law oversee probate and inheritance estates. Therefore, the Hays County Government Center accommodates the Hays County Court-at-Law #1, #2, and #3. In the past, the historic Hays County Courthouse, located in downtown San Marcos, Texas, housed the county courts-at-law. The Classical Revival style courthouse is where Hays County Probate Lawyers would attend hearings. In conclusion, construction of the building occurred in 1908.

Transferring Real Estate And Other Wealth Through A Will Probate Or Inheritance Matter

During a Hays County probate, the attorney can assist with the transfer of title to houses, land, and other real estate. A Hays County Probate Lawyer can draft and file a deed in the public land records for a client. Public records including deed records can be found at Hays County Deeds Records.

How do I obtain legal title to a deceased family member’s valuable house or land?

Hays County is home to many beautiful rivers and streams that drive up the value of the real estate. The Blanco river cuts across the landscape and through Wimberley. When a person passes away owning real property in the county such as along the Blanco river, a Hays County will probate or heirship determination case will typically need to be filed to transfer title to the rightful beneficiaries or heirs.  Similarly, families of decedents that own land along the San Marcos river or other streams will need to follow the same process to gain legal title to the land.

Ranches And Spreads Located In Hays County, Texas

The former Fulton Ranch along the banks of the Blanco river is one of the most legendary spreads in the county. The over 5,000 acres of land was once involved in a large probate matter involving millions of dollar of assets. There are many other ranches and other large tracts of land throughout the county. An inheritance matter before the Hays County Courts can be useful in transferring this type of real estate. If a loved one owned a large plot of land in Hays County and then passed away with a will, a probate case would need to be filed.  Vineyards, wineries, exotic game ranches, farms, and tourist retreats make up many of these large pieces of land.

What do I do if I have a question for a Hays County Probate Attorney?

For questions about a probate matter in Hays County, feel free to contact us online or send an email message to Hays County Probate Attorney Jason Coomer.

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