Burnet County Probate Lawyer

Austin Texas Lawyer Jason Coomer handles inheritance matters in Texas.  He practices probate law throughout central Texas including Burnet County Texas.  In practicing probate law, he helps families claim, transfer, and protect wealth.

His firm commonly helps families transfer and sell real property.  He represents heirs, beneficiaries, and families after the loss of a loved one.  When representing families, he represents heirs, beneficiaries, and executors in Texas Probate Courts.

Burnet County Real Estate and Burnet County Probate Lawyer

Burnet County has many beautiful homes in the Texas Hill Country.   Some of these homes have views of Lake LBJ, Lake Marble Falls, and Lake Buchanan.  The value of many of these homes, lakefront lots, and ranches is significant.  However, the families that own this valuable real estate don’t always protect their wealth with proper estate planning.  For this reason, some families will lose their real property and significant wealth.

Most Texas probate cases are filed to transfer, protect, or sell real estate.  Similarly, many Burnet County Probate Cases are necessary to transfer real property.  Inherited property transfers often include houses, ranches, vacation homes, and businesses.

The approximate value of specific real property can be determined at the Burnet County Appraisal District.

Burnet County Courthouse, Burnet County Probate Lawyer, and Williamson County Public Records

The Burnet County Courthouse is in Burnet, Texas.  The rules of the probate court require that all executors, administrators, and guardians must be represented by a lawyer.  For more information on the Burnet County Probate Court, please go to the following webpage:  Burnet County  Courthouse.

Public records including deeds are available at Burnet County Public Records.

Burnet County Economy and Basic Facts

Burnet County is located north of the Austin-Roundrock Metropolitan Area.  It has many beautiful vistas as it is in the Texas Hill Country.  Several areas also have beautiful lake and river views.  For this reason, many retirees move to Burnet County live in their dream home.

Currently, the county has a growing population of about 50,000.  Its largest city is Marble Falls.  Burnet is the county seat and where the court house is located.

Burnet County is traditionally an agricultural economy.  However, the construction and tourism have expanded as the Marble Falls and Horseshoe Bay Area continues to grow.

Central Texas Lawyer Jason Coomer Handles Probate, Real Estate, and Inheritance Cases Throughout Texas

Austin Texas Inheritance Lawyer Jason Coomer handles cases through out central Texas.  As such, he commonly represents families in the Austin area including several surrounding counties.

Questions About Texas Inheritance

For questions about a probate matter in Central Texas including Burnet County and Llano County, feel free to e-mail Austin Texas Estate Lawyer Jason S. Coomer. Please also feel free to use our contact 


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