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Bastrop real estate and other wealth is commonly lost after the death of a family member.  For this reason, it is important to seek help from an estate lawyer after the death of a family member.  An estate lawyer can help claim, free, and transfer wealth.  As a Bastrop Probate lawyer, Jason Coomer helps families protect, claim, and transfer wealth including real property.  He has helped families claim wealth including real estate, business interests, mineral interests, bank accounts, investments, and life  insurance.  As a Bastrop Probate Lawyer Jason Coomer represents heirs, beneficiaries, executors, and administrators.  He helps families understand Texas probate laws and represents families in Texas courts.  For questions about a probate matter in the Bastrop County area, please feel free to e-mail Bastrop Probate  Lawyer Jason S. Coomer.  Please also feel free to  use our contact form.

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What needs to be done after the death of a family member?

After a family member passes, the family should determine if the deceased had a Will.  If so, the family should try to locate the original Will and not a copy of it.  In addition to the Will, any other estate planning documents should be located.  Ideally, the deceased has good records including an inventory of all their assets, however, this is rare.  In most instances, the family or a trusted friend will have to gather information and create an inventory.  The inventory is important because it will help determine the nature and value of the estate property.  With the inventory, Jason Coomer or another estate attorney can work with the family to identify any assets that will need to be transferred.  Overall, this information is used to determine, if a probate lawsuit is necessary and the best way to claim or transfer estate assets.

What happens to Bastrop Real Property after the death of an owner?

When a property owner dies, their interest in any real property typically transfers into their estate.  In these situations, an estate lawyer can determine how to transfer the property out of the estate.  The most common method to transfer real property out of an estate is a probate lawsuit.  The first step in transferring estate property is to determine the ownership interest.  This determination can be difficult as many real property owners are joint owners of real property.  It is also not always clear if the real property is community property or separate property.  Once the ownership interest is determined, Texas law will need to be reviewed to determine how to transfer the real property.    

As an heir or beneficiary what do I need to do to transfer Bastrop Real Property after the death of a family member?

A Will probate or a suit to determine heirs will typically need to be filed to transfer Texas real property.  Will probates and suits to determine heir are the two most common types of probate lawsuits.  Both of these probate lawsuits determine who inherits the real property and who can transfer the property.  For a Will probate, the court determines if a Will is valid, who the beneficiaries are, and who the executor will be.  For a suit to determine heirs, the court and an ad litem determine who the heirs are and who the administrator will be.  Any heir or beneficiary can initiate a probate lawsuit.  Texas law will determine who can be the administrator and the executor.  In addition to the lawsuits, the deed for the real property should be reviewed.

What happens if the heirs or beneficiaries cannot agree what to do with Inherited Bastrop Real Property?

Disputes often arise over what to do with Texas real property after the death of a family member.  Sometimes one heir or beneficiary wants to use the inherited property for himself or herself, while the other heirs do not agree.  In these situations, disputes regarding payment of taxes and maintenance commonly arise.  When the heirs or beneficiaries cannot agree, a contested probate lawsuit is needed to help resolve the dispute.  There are several types of contested probate lawsuits.  A partition action or forced sale lawsuit is a common type of contested probate lawsuit.

When is a Texas Real Estate Inheritance Lawyer Recommended to Help Claim and Transfer Wealth?

If you have lost a family member and they had significant assets, it is probably best to have an estate lawyer.  The estate lawyer can help guide a family through the probate process.  The estate lawyer can also help determine if a probate lawsuit is necessary as well as help claim non-probate assets.  If a probate lawsuit is necessary, an estate lawyer can help guide you through the probate process.

When is a Bastrop Probate Lawyer Probably Necessary to Help Claim, Defend, and Transfer Wealth?

An estate lawyer is typically necessary to free stuck real property from an estate.  The problem of stuck real property can prevent the sale of real property as well as refinancing of a home.  A good estate lawyer should be able to help families free stuck property.  An estate lawyer is also typically necessary for contested probate cases.  Contested probate cases commonly arise when a death brings in estranged family members and/or fraudulent claims seeking inheritance.   In these cases, an estate lawyer can help fend off aggressive family members from wrongfully taking inheritance.

Austin Texas Inheritance Lawyer Handles Bastrop County Probate Lawsuits and Bastrop County Inheritance Issues

Central Texas Estate Lawyer Jason Coomer helps families, heirs, beneficiaries, executors, and administrators move Bastrop County real estate.  He helps families move Texas mineral interests, Texas ranches, and other Texas real estate through probate.  He also helps the rightful heirs and beneficiaries claim and transfer wealth.  Further, he commonly helps families claim life insurance, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, oil interests, real estate, and other property.  As such, he commonly represents families in Texas probate courts and works with banks and insurance companies to claim family inheritance.

Questions About Texas Inheritance

For questions about a probate matter in Central Texas including Bastrop County, feel free to e-mail Austin Texas Estate Lawyer Jason S. Coomer. Please also feel free to use our contact 

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