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The Offices of Jason S. Coomer is a Texas Inheritance Law Firm.  The firm helps families claim, protect, and transfer wealth after the death of a loved one.  The law firm represents heirs and beneficiaries.  The firm also represents trustees, executors, and administrators.  Further, Texas lawyer Jason S. Coomer has helped his client claim, protect, and transfer several million in wealth.  He helps clients clear title to Texas real property as well as claim wealth from banks, financial institutes, oil companies, insurance companies, and other large corporations.  He also handles contested probate cases and uncontested probate cases.  Further, he handles contested business probate cases, contested will probate cases, and other probate litigation.

Central Texas Inheritance Lawyer
Central Texas Inheritance Lawyer

Central Texas Inheritance Lawyer Handles Inheritance Cases Throughout Texas

As an Austin Texas probate lawyer, his firm handles inheritance issues throughout central Texas.  Most of his cases are in the Greater Austin Metropolitan Area, but he also handles inheritance cases in several central Texas counties.

Further, he has handled cases in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston.  He will handle large inheritance cases throughout Texas, but commonly works with co-counsel on cases outside of central Texas.

Texas Inheritance Lawyer Commonly Represents Family Members Out Side of Texas

As many Texas families are spread out throughout the nation and the World, Jason Coomer commonly represents family members from other states and countries.  As such, his firm works to insure his out of state clients can minimize the amount of time they have to spend in Texas.  He commonly uses Texas law to help his clients perform the duties of an Administrator or Executor remotely.

Texas Inheritance Law Firm Commonly Works with Lawyers From Other States and Countries

Texas Inheritance Lawyer Jason Coomer also commonly works with inheritance lawyers from other states and countries to help probate large estates and transfer wealth.  More specifically, by working with inheritance lawyers for outside of Texas, he is able to move wealth in numerous jurisdictions.

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